Livestage One: Healthy and Secure Infants

  • Training on RPP
  • Caregivers training on breastfeeding
  • Caregivers training on Community Based Child Protection Mechanism
  • Economic empowerment- VSLA
  • Support to ECDE
  • Health and nutrition

Livestage Two: Educated and Confident Children

  • Life skills training
  • Support to AACs
  • Celebrations of the day of the African Child
  • Support to Children Assembly
  • Support to Supplementary feeding Program
  • Bursaries

Lifestage Three: Skilled and Involved Youth

  • Mentorship
  • Sexual reproductive health (SRH)
  • Edutainments / Sports

Community-Led Targeted Programs

  • WASH – borehole drilling
  • Food Security and Livelihoods – farming of orange fleshed sweet potatoes

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